7 Best and Life-Changing Hobbies For Freelancers in 2023

Donald Ngonyo
1:02 pm
July 6, 2023

Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress, make friends, and keep your mind sharp. With the work pressures of freelancing, it is always good to engage in hobbies. This is important to keep your mind alert and spark your creativity. It also gives you a life beyond sitting behind a computer and completing projects. You need something that can spark your life.

What are some of the best hobbies that freelancers can benefit from? Here is an all-inclusive list of some of the best hobbies for freelancers. Enjoying these hobbies depends on your personality, preferences, and interests.

Perhaps, the best question to ask yourself when choosing a hobby is: what sparks my life beyond freelancing? What would I like to do in my free time? With the right hobby, you enjoy life and make the most out of your free time.

Here are the best hobbies for freelancers that top our list.


Photography comes first because of the numerous benefits it gives freelancers. It is a great hobby for freelancers because it allows them to explore their creativity and find inspiration in new places. You can engage in nature photography, outdoor photography, parties and events photography, and modeling photography. Another benefit of this hobby is that it can earn extra income when selling stock photos. There are hundreds of websites where you can sell stock photos. Photography is also a great way to meet new people, as photography events attract photographers from all walks of life.


Another great hobby for freelancers is cooking. It is an excellent hobby for freelancers because it can be done on a budget, and it is something that anyone can do with very little training or experience. Another advantage of this hobby is that you can create unique recipes that you can share on YouTube or other social media platforms. This is a great way to earn passive income through advertising programs if you attract a sufficient following and watch hours. It is easier to do cooking as a hobby because it is a low-key activity that does not require too much energy or concentration. So, you will still have plenty of time left for work when you are done cooking.

And yes, it is a healthy habit if you learn to cook your food.


Freelancers are notoriously hard to engage in physical activities. They work long hours, do not have many breaks, and often lack a sense of community. Exercise can help you beat stress, reduce your risk of disease, improve your mood and sleep patterns, increase creativity and productivity, and give you an amazing sense of achievement.

Exercise is an excellent hobby because it allows you to keep fit and make your mind alert. A physically fit individual will always be effective in his or her job. You will be motivated to follow through with your goals and be consistent in your pursuits. With exercising, you can also enroll in a gym, where you meet new friends.


Blogging is another excellent hobby for freelancers because it forces them to stay updated on the latest industry trends. It is also a great way to show off their skills and build their reputation. Bloggers can create a blog of any type they want — from personal, lifestyle, and fashion blogs to professional blogs with in-depth articles that are very informative. This is also an excellent way to generate passive income through advertising or selling short courses for new freelancers.


Parties are one of the best ways to get your mind off work. Engaging with people at parties can spark your creativity, whether you are a freelance writer, designer, or web developer. Besides, it is always nice to go out and have some fun. There is nothing wrong with getting lost in a good conversation with strangers or friends in a partying frenzy. It renews your mind and makes you relax. You will meet new people and make new connections. The trick to going out to parties is finding the right balance of work and play. Partying is a great way to experience life beyond the monitor if you are a freelancer.


Traveling is another great hobby for freelancers to engage in. The best thing about traveling is that it does not require any skills. You just have to identify places you would like to go. You can travel as a freelancer and still make time to finish your gigs. Traveling should not be expensive. You can survey cheap accommodation areas from Airbnb. You can travel for different activities, such as outdoor camping, scuba diving, and game drives, or visit historical sites and museums.


As a freelancer, you can also start gardening as a hobby during your free time. Gardening is an excellent activity because it gives fresh fruits and vegetables to you and your family. Gardening is a popular hobby that can be done in your spare time without making you miss deadlines. It is therapeutic and allows you to enjoy the outdoors.

Why Should Freelancers Have Hobbies?

With these hobbies, you will make your life interesting and enjoyable. You will always have an excellent work-life balance. One of the most important aspects of successful freelancing is keeping your mind alert. Engaging in hobbies and other activities is a great way to experience life beyond the normal.

Freelancers need to have hobbies that can help them break from their work. Having a hobby will keep them sane and keep them on their toes and looking for new opportunities. Freelancers need to take a break from their work every now and then. To stay productive, they must rest and disengage from work-related activities.

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