How to Find the Best Clients as a Freelance Writer on Upwork

Donald Ngonyo
10:06 pm
July 29, 2023
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As a freelance writer, finding high-quality clients is crucial for building a successful and sustainable career. Upwork, one of the leading freelance platforms, provides many opportunities for freelance writers to connect with clients worldwide. However, with fierce competition and a vast pool of clients, it can be challenging to stand out and secure the best projects.

Why is it important for you to get the best clients from the start?

Working with the best clients saves you from wasting time with unreliable customers who pay peanuts or have unrealistic demands when they assign you projects. Therefore, always have a strategy to ensure you get quality customers who value your time and resources.

How can you find the best clients as a writer? Let us explore effective strategies to help you find the best clients as a freelance writer on Upwork.

Optimize Your Upwork Profile

Your Upwork profile is your digital resume and the first impression you make on potential clients. Make sure to create a professional profile that showcases your expertise, experience, and writing samples. Use relevant keywords in your profile description to increase visibility in search results. Highlight your unique selling points and demonstrate why clients should choose you over other writers. You can check here about how to optimize your profile.

Select the Right Niche

Specializing in a particular niche can significantly improve your chances of attracting high-quality clients. Identify your strengths and interests and focus on a niche where you can demonstrate expertise. Specialization helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field and makes it easier to target clients who value your skill set. Clients are often willing to pay a premium for writers with specialized knowledge.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Your portfolio is a powerful tool for showcasing your writing abilities and attracting clients. Include various writing samples demonstrating your range and expertise in your chosen niche. If you are starting, consider creating samples or offering to write guest blog posts to build your portfolio. Aim for quality over quantity and regularly update your portfolio with your best work.

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Proposal

When applying for jobs at Upwork, your proposal is your opportunity to stand out. Tailor each proposal to the specific job requirements and client’s needs. Start with a personalized greeting and demonstrate your understanding of the project. Highlight relevant experience, showcase your writing style, and provide a compelling reason the client should hire you. Use concise language, proofread your proposal, and follow Upwork’s guidelines.

Seek Out Long-Term Clients

While one-off projects can provide immediate income, long-term clients offer stability and consistent work. Look for clients who require ongoing content or have projects in mind. Building relationships with such clients can lead to regular work and referrals. Communicate your availability and willingness to work on future projects, demonstrating your commitment and reliability.

Network and Collaborate

Networking with other freelancers and industry professionals can open doors to new opportunities. Join relevant online communities, participate in writing forums, and attend virtual events to connect with potential clients and colleagues. Collaborating with other freelancers on projects can expand your reach and help you tap into their client networks.

Deliver Exceptional Work and Seek Feedback

Providing high-quality work and meeting deadlines is essential for client satisfaction. Aim to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value. Request client feedback upon project completion and use positive reviews to strengthen your Upwork profile. Positive feedback attracts more clients and builds trust and credibility in your abilities.


Finding the best clients as a freelance writer on Upwork requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. By optimizing your profile, specializing in a niche, building a strong portfolio, crafting compelling proposals, seeking long-term relationships, networking, and delivering exceptional work, you can increase your chances of securing high-quality clients. Patience and perseverance are key; with time, you can build a thriving freelance writing career on Upwork.

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