The Best Digital Marketing Apps to Improve Business Performance

Donald Ngonyo
9:40 am
July 5, 2023

Understanding Digital Marketing and What Makes a Good App

Digital marketing is an essential part of any successful business marketing plan. It enables companies to reach more potential customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, digital marketing has become even more critical for businesses.

A good app for digital marketers is essential for success in this field. A great app should have features that make it easy to use and understand, provide valuable insights about customer behavior, and help optimize campaigns quickly.

It should also be able to integrate with other services, such as email automation and social media platforms. Understanding the digital marketing tools and apps available is critical to selecting the best app for your needs.

Top Must-Have Apps for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers always look for the best tools to track and analyze their campaigns. With various analytics tools, social media management tools, and data visualization tools available, it can be challenging to decide which ones to use. To help digital marketers make the right decision, we have compiled a list of the top must-have apps to track and analyze their campaigns.

These apps provide comprehensive insights into campaign performance and enable digital marketers to make informed decisions about their strategies. The apps include analytics tools that monitor website traffic and social media management tools that help you manage your accounts. These apps will help you understand your campaigns’ performance in-depth.

1. Google Analytics

One of the most commonly used analytics tools, Google Analytics, enables you to measure traffic and conversions for your website. It also provides information about how visitors find your site and what content they are looking for. This app allows you to compare performance across different campaigns or between different types of content on your website, like videos or blog posts. It also allows you to create custom audiences targeted with adverts that speak directly to their interests and take them down a specific path within your website. One notable feature is the ability to see all referral sources at once, which can help identify sources of unengaged traffic on your website.

2. Google Adwords

This is one of the most widely used marketing tools and is great if you want to drive traffic to your website using paid advertising. It allows you to target potential customers with adverts that speak directly to their interests, language and location. It can also create custom audiences that can be targeted in different ways. The tool gives you lots of data about your campaign performance, such as how many impressions have been delivered across different channels or how successful it has been relative to its cost in conversions.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a top social media scheduling tool that can also help you in your digital marketing campaign. This app allows you to schedule updates across different accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. The app also has an analytic feature, with statistics for sharing how each post performed. The new iOS Buffer app allows scheduling using popular apps like Safari. The app is available for free and premium plans depending on the business size. It is a perfect digital marketing app that assists companies in optimizing their social media campaigns.

4. Facebook Ads Manager

If you run ads on Facebook or Instagram, Facebook Ads Manager is a must-have app. This digital marketing app assists with managing advertising campaigns from your mobile device. You can always stay on top of your campaigns, track and create ads, edit schedules and budgets, and receive notifications from your smartphone. The app is free and helps you manage your marketing campaigns effectively.

5. Canva

You must create professional images and graphics for social media and websites as a digital marketer. Canva app brings all features from the web to your mobile handset. With this app, you can utilize prebuilt templates to create custom images and graphics. The app also has integrated social sharing for easy posting of the graphic you design. This is the perfect app if you need a perfect image editor for your website or social media pages. You can also subscribe to the enterprise or pro plans for extra features.

6. Grammarly Keyboard

Nobody wants to read content with typos and grammar errors. You will always have professionally edited emails and marketing posts with Grammarly Keyboard. The app uses a special smartphone keyboard that scans your writing for spelling and grammar errors. So, Grammarly Keyboard eliminates mistakes and poor grammar, helping you become a better copywriter. The app is free and works with all the apps inside your phone.

Make Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Successful

These digital marketing apps can help you run your business successfully from the comfort of your phone. Whether you are travelling or outside your office, you can track, create, edit, and stay connected with your customer on the go. Most of these apps are free or have extra features at a very low cost. There is a huge benefit to using these digital marketing apps in your business.

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