Top 7 Journaling Apps iPad and iPhone in 2023

Donald Ngonyo
9:58 am
July 5, 2023

Everyone needs to record memorable moments, whether good or bad. It is always crucial to remember and keep these memories for future reference. Journaling is good because it helps us see how far we have come, what goals we have achieved, what failures we have risen from, and the future we anticipate.

Even if you think keeping a journal is silly, you must honor the memory of significant events and milestones in your life. Before the advent of digital techs, people used analog journals, especially pen and paper. But the emergence of smartphones has provided better ways of keeping memories and diaries.

Journaling apps can work on different devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Top Journaling Apps for Everyone

With these technologies, you will get your journaling life right and get the best results. You will always have a handy tool to record essential memories, take notes, and highlight important events.

1. Day One Journal

Day One Journal is one of the best iPad and iPhone apps for keeping journals. The beautiful app assists in creating multiple journals with color codes for faster and easy categorization. With this approach, you can include photos, rich text options, weather data, activities, locations, and more. The app also features audio recording abilities, with an intuitive editor and a dark mode for an amazing user experience.

2. Momento

Momento is another powerful journaling app available in the market. While it has features similar to Day One Journal, it has automated abilities that sync with social media network feeds. So, you can link up your social media accounts which can quickly populate the entries you make each day while on the go. All the updates and posts you make are usually recorded into Momento, making it a digital record of your private and online lives.

3. Moodnotes

Another high-ranking journaling app available is Moodnotes. This is specifically designed to help you track how you feel and remember important things about yourself. It is also effective in monitoring your mental health and well-being. Moodnotes comes with a colorful interface that has a warm and inviting interface. You can easily pick an attitude that reflects how you are doing, represented using color and emoji. You can always add more details to your journal or leave it as it is. Moodnotes helps you track mood patterns and assist in developing healthier perspectives.

4. Journey

The Journey app is similar to Day One Journal because it creates fantastic journal entries using text, videos, photos, location, activity, and more. The app is advantageous because it syncs with Google Drive and allows you to import entries from other applications like Day One.

5. Daylio Journal

If you like journaling but have limited time, the Daylio Journal is one of the best apps to consider. The app has a micro-journaling method that suits people with limited time. With Daylio, you pick your mood for the day and add an activity to go along with it. The activity is the one that makes you feel the way you do. This is then added as an entry. You can add more notes similar to what you do in a traditional diary. Note that the main focus of the Daylio Journal app is micro-journaling. It also comes with charts and graphs to keep track of your average mood over a certain period.

6. Grid Diary

Grid Diary is another good journaling app that assists people with trouble getting started with writing an entry from scratch. With Grid Diary, you get journaling templates that come with inspiring questions and answers that are lined up in a grid. You are only required to pick the one you want to answer for a particular day and write responses as part of your journal entry. With the journal entries, you become more effective at making entries and ensuring that everything is completed on time.

7. Five Minute Journal

As the name suggests, the app is designed for people with limited time for daily journaling. The Five Minute Journal ensures that you write prompts and questions that you can answer faster and easier. You will be able to add photos and get daily quotes to inspire you. The entries are displayed in a timeline, where you can quickly scroll and reflect on the memories. It also comes with reminders, backup/export, and passcode features.

Getting the Best Journaling App

While the recommended apps are the best, considering your personal needs is always essential before deciding what you will go for. Some factors include pricing, features available, ability to sync with other services, and memory. This is vital to ensure you get the best out of the app you settle for in your journaling journey.

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