Top 9 Apps Every Web Designer Should Have

Donald Ngonyo
9:11 am
July 5, 2023

Web design is a constantly evolving field, so it is essential for web designers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and software. The article outlines the best apps every web designer should have in their toolkit.

Web design involves creating and developing a website’s visual layout, user interface, and overall appearance. It involves graphic design, user experience (UX) design, and web development. Web designers create websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively communicate the message and goals of the business.

The web design process starts with creating wireframes or mockups, basic layouts of the website’s structure and content. These are used to map out the navigation and layout of the site and test the site functions and outlook. Once the wireframes are approved, web designers move to the visual design phase, where they create the look and feel of the site using graphic design techniques. This includes choosing colors, typography, and images used throughout the site.

In addition to the visual design, web designers also focus on the site’s user experience. This includes creating intuitive navigation, designing easy-to-read and scan layouts, and ensuring the site is accessible to all users. It is also crucial to consider the site’s responsiveness, ensuring it looks and functions well on different devices.

9 Must-Have Apps for Every Web Designer

Web designers use several tools and software to create and develop websites. As an ever-evolving field, web designers have new technologies and design trends emerging all the time. Web designers must be adaptable and willing to learn and adopt new tools and techniques to develop cutting-edge designs. Here are the best apps every web designer should have.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development software. It includes industry-standard programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. With Adobe Creative Cloud, designers have access to the latest features and updates as soon as they are released. The Adobe Creative Cloud is effective for designing and prototyping user interfaces for mobile and web applications. Adobe XD provides features such as vector-based drawing tools, prototyping, and sharing.


Sketch is a vector graphics editor and digital design tool. It is specifically designed for web and mobile app design, offering features like symbols and shared styles, making it easy to keep a consistent design across multiple pages or screens.


Figma is a browser-based design tool that allows for real-time collaboration between designers. It is a great option for remote designer teams working on a project with multiple stakeholders.


Invision is a prototyping and collaboration tool that allows designers to create interactive wireframes and mockups. The app tests and presents designs before they are built and includes features such as commenting and version history.


Webflow is a website design and development tool that allows designers to build responsive websites without writing code. Designers who want to take their designs and turn them into functional websites can use this app.


GIMP is a free and open-source image editing software. The app is the best alternative to Photoshop and offers similar features, such as layers and masks. It is a great option for designers on a budget.


Trello is a project management tool that allows designers to organize tasks and collaborate with team members. It helps remote teams keep track of progress and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. For designers, Google Analytics tracks a website’s performance and makes data-driven decisions.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that analyzes the performance of a web page and provides suggestions for improvement. PageSpeed Insights help designers to ensure that their websites are fast and user-friendly.

Things to Consider When Choosing Apps

With hundreds of apps that can fulfill similar functions, one must be keen on what they settle for. Here are some things to consider when a web designer chooses an app. By considering these factors, web designers can make informed decisions and select the apps that best suit their needs and workflow.


Consider your design process’s specific needs and choose apps with the features and tools you need to complete your work effectively.


Make sure that the apps you choose are compatible with your existing software and hardware and can integrate with other tools you use in your workflow.


Choose apps that are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. This can help you save time and increase your productivity.


Consider the cost of the apps and whether they are within your budget. Some apps, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, have a monthly subscription fee, while others, like GIMP, are free and open-source.


If you work with other designers or team members, choose apps that allow easy collaboration and real-time feedback, such as Figma.


If you are working on web and mobile app design, ensure that the apps you choose to support both platforms.


Consider the support and resources available for the apps you choose, such as tutorials and forums.


Make sure the apps you choose have a good reputation regarding the security and privacy of your data.


Consider the app’s performance in terms of speed and responsiveness, as this can greatly impact your design process.

Continuous Development

Consider the company behind the app and its commitment to continuous development. This will ensure that the app stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies.


In conclusion, having a wide range of tools and apps at your disposal as a web designer can greatly enhance your design process and help you deliver high-quality work. From Adobe Creative Cloud to Trello, the apps and software on this list are essential for any web designer looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

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