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I’m Donald Ngonyo, a professional B2B and B2C content writer and copywriter for brands wanting to dominate the digital space.

Since 2017, I’ve worked as a freelance writer for diverse clients, from small e-commerce brands to large manufacturers. With over 7 years as a full-time copywriter and content writer, I have assisted hundreds of clients and online brands grow and scale their online presence.

Stop procrastinating and make a living as a freelance writer. Let me help you with exclusive tricks to help you increase your income and grow your business.

I have been featured in many publications like Majuscule and other prominent platforms. As a freelancer, I aspire to mentor and help you fine-tune your freelance writing onboarding process. Grow your career as you create a sustainable income and a lifestyle you enjoy.

Grab copies of my books on Amazon: Copywriting Mastery: A Guide to Becoming a Sought-After Copywriter and Freelance Lifestyle: Building a Fulfilling Career and Life on Your Terms.

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