7 Six-Figure Freelance Writing Niches to Help You Win in 2024

Donald Ngonyo
6:22 am
January 25, 2024
freelance writing niches
freelance writing niches

Even with the proliferation of generative AI like ChatGPT, the demand for freelance writer has grown significantly. AI content is generic, and companies are looking for human written content to leverage their online engagements and authority. If you are a freelance writer, and great at that, you can position yourself to land lucrative writing gigs in these six-figure freelance writing niches in 2024.

In this article, I will highlight some lucrative freelance writing niches and industries to consider in 2024. If you position yourself well, you can land lucrative gigs and earn a six-figure income as a freelance writer.

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A freelance writing niche is the content format, industry, or topics you specialize in. The type of niches varies from freelancer to freelancer. While some specialize on a content format that spans various sectors, others can focus on a specific industry, like SaaS technology, to deliver diverse content formats. For example, your niche can be social media ghostwriting (content format) for marketing executives (the industry).

When you specialize in a specific niche, you can always leverage your skills and position yourself as a top expert. This will increase conversion rates, allowing you to charge more for your services.

What Makes Freelance Writing Niches Profitable?

There are several factors that influence the profitability of a writing niche. As a writer, you need to understand these traits in order to settle for the right niche.

Supply and Demand

One thing you must check when choosing a niche is the supply and demand for the services. You should check the number of available writers in the niche and how many clients require such service. For example, if you are on Upwork, you can do a simple search and see the number of jobs posted each day. You can also see the number of available freelancers applying for these jobs to determine whether it is the right niche for you.

Content Value

After establishing the demand and supply, the next thing is to consider the content value. Determine the money the company will generate from your content. The companies with the highest value have the highest profit margins. So, always target companies that you can easily convince to pay premium rates for your writing services.

Consider Your Expertise

While this should never be the primary driver (you can always learn new things), you should also consider your subject expertise. If your knowledge is still basic, you might need to work on your skills and ensure that you enhance your position in the niche you are considering. Also, you must enjoy what you are doing to guarantee customers consistent and quality content.

The Premium Paying Freelance Writing Niches in 2024


Thousands of founders and executives a realizing the power of having a personal brand. This is a good opportunity for freelance writers because most of them lack time to write content, while others do not know how to organize their ideas and thoughts in written format.

As a freelance writer, you can position yourself as an executive ghostwriter to deliver premium content at premium rates. You can help founders and executives to organize their thoughts into concise social media posts or blog articles.

As an executive ghostwriter, you will interview executives to understand their things, organize their ideas into concrete, compelling, and informative social media posts or articles.

Email Writing

Another thriving writing niche in 2024 is email writing. Many companies use email marketing to promote their products, and has become a leading channel to drive traffic and increase sales. There are many companies willing to pay thousands of dollars to email copywriters. If you have mastered email copywriting, this is a niche you can explore in 2024.

Email copywriters must be good at audience research. If you are considering starting email copywriting, please read Copywriting Mastery: A Guide to Becoming a Sought-After Copywriter. You must understand the customer’s pain points and what drives them to purchase the product or service you are promoting.

Case Study

Case studies help demonstrate the value of a product or service to customers. When a company has the right case studies, they can drive sales and engagements. Most B2B businesses focus on case studies to demonstrate how a product or service is beneficial. There are many case study copywriters who earn six figures, and you can be one of them in 2024.

Writing case studies is tricky, and requires a comprehensive understanding of the client’s product or service. You should also be conversant with the customer’s pain points and how the product can help them eliminate these problems.

When writing a case study for a particular service, ensure that they are optimized for specific keywords. This will ensure that they show on search results when customers search.

Also, you can charge more as a case study writer when you offer to do customer interviews to understand the story and transform it into a well-optimized blog article.

YouTube Video and Podcast Script Writing

Video and podcasts have gained popularity in recent years. As a popular form of content for marketing and promoting services, many people are looking out for scripts before hitting the record button.

In 2024, you can become a video or podcast scriptwriters to increase your income and earning power. Video and podcast script copywriters can charge approximately 100 dollars per hour for their services.

There are many customers who have paid thousands of dollars for great video scripts.

Technical Writing

ChatGPT and other AI content writing tools have replaced much traditional SEO writing jobs. However, AI is trained on existing content and complex project like SaaS products require technical writers.

So, becoming a technical writer is one way to niche your way to six-figure income in 2024. If you become an excellent content writer and can consistently produce quality content, you can never run out of gigs. There are many jobs posted on platforms like Upwork.

There is also demand for content writers who can explain how a product can solve a specific pain point. 

With technical writing, one must have a deep understanding of the product, which is hard for AI tools like ChatGPT to do. This is a lucrative niche that you can consider in 2024.

White Papers and E-Books

Many B2B and B2C companies utilize white papers and e-books to capture and convert leads. So, this is a writing niche that you can explore in 2024. White papers and e-books require detailed understanding of the product or service. So, you can easily charge high rates for these writing services.

White papers can cost up to $5000, and writers with specialized knowledge can charge up to $7000. The compensation per gig varies depending on the length of white papers and how much research is involved in the project.

On the other hand, e-books are a little less expensive, but they tend to be lead magnets. They are more focused on how-to style content that does not require as much detailed product knowledge as white papers.

Sales and Landing Pages

Many brands spend heavily to get leads to their landing and sales pages. So, they are willing to pay top dollar for copywriters who can craft converting landing pages. As a sales and landing page copywriter, you can increase your earnings by understanding how to do A/B test for pages. Also, you must understand how to track conversion rates and demonstrate your results to new potential customers.

Also, there is a need to understand how to research and optimize content for better results. There are copywriters who partner with clients to do a revenue share. With this model, you will have an unlimited earning potential on your product.

Your Path to Freelance Writing Success in 2024

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, you can consider the niches we have outlined above. However, feel free to do your research and identify an area you that multiply your income. There are millions of clients who are looking for freelance writing services, and are ready to pay handsomely for quality solutions.

Despite the growth of generative AI in the industry, freelance writing remain a viable career path for anyone. You can multiply your income and live your dream life if you target the right niche.

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